Tuesday, 28 February 2006

I took ol' 259 into the shop today. This will be her third visit, but fear not; it's the scheduled 5000 km maintenance, not an emergency like last time. For those of you that don't recall, our previous trip to Scooter MD was the result of a snapped clutch cable, and although it ended up costing me a not inconsiderable amount of money to fix, it could have been worse....I was coasting to a gentle stop when it happened, not flying down Kingsway in the pouring rain.

Dennis was sympathetic to my tale of 'the incident', and again, for the benefit of latecomers, 'the incident' of course refers to the night three weeks ago when ol' 259 was kicked over on to the curb in front of our house. Paul, always to be counted on as the voice of reason, believes it was probably a couple of effing rockers that did it, and as much as we can expect this sort of thing from them, I am not too proud to say that it stung deeply. But, like The Master says, we climb on the steps of our dead selves, and rise above. And it such a beautiful day today here, when I pick her up in a few hours, I fancy I might linger long on the road before returning home...perhaps a trip out to the beach is in order. We'll see. I'm sure it's my imagination, but even having the bike into the shop to get cosmetic work done, like the rack installation, seems to add a little pep to the performance, and with the added bonus of dry tarmac, well...a bit of a joy-ride seems in order