Thursday, 10 August 2006

From The Pacific

To The Atlantic

6,000 kms, 13 days, 6 provinces, 2 states, 5 tires

1 journey home

Monday, 7 August 2006

From The Pacific To The Atlantic - A Photo Record

The Cottage

Day 13 was officially not part of the trip, but it was officially for relaxing. We did this by playing badminton, swimming, riding bikes, and documenting the saltification of Fraser's hair.

From The Pacific To The Atlantic - A Photo Record

Day 12
The Three Viallages QC - Rye NH

We loaded up the car for the final leg of our journey and set off with Fraser in the back and the Young parents in a convoy. The goal was the Atlantic Ocean and a celebratory lobster. Checking the map, our original guess of Bar Harbor, Maine seemed an unlikely choice, so we settled on the New Hampshire coast. Fraser rightly reasoned that with only 25 miles of coastline, the good taxpayers of NH would probably like it to be in good repair. And he was right. A quick 3.5-hour jaunt down the Interstate and we alighted at the nearly empty Rye Beach. With an outside temperature of 106, we wondered why there were less than a dozen swimmers. The answer revealed itself when David, Fraser and I, upon diving into the water, actually froze our bits off. It was extrememly cold, but completely refreshing. The water also seemed saltier than the pacific, but maybe that's the imagination. In any case, Suzanne and I had reached the end of the journey. And it was good.

From The Pacific To The Atlantic - A Photo Record

Day 11 - Newmarket to The Three Villages

This is the drive I was not looking forward to. The 401 from Toronto to Montreal. I've done it before and I had the idea that it would be boring and long. Luckily, for the first time, we had a third traveller to keep us company. We picked up Suzanne's brother Fraser at 10am SHARP and we made a quick and painless journey. Not a lot of piccies, as we've seen it all before and it's hard to get inspired, but there was a good one of my thumb hovering over the 'Bienvenue a Quebec!' sign. The Three Villages refer to Stanstead, Rock Island and Beebe, a collection of tiny towns near Magog and the Vermont border. If you need some quality granite, this is the place. If you need anything else, look elsewhere.

From The Pacific To The Atlantic - A Photo Record

Day 10 - Parry Sound to Newmarket

I don't think the camera came out of the bag today. The drive from my dad's to my mom's is the shortest of our trip, and one we've done a bazillion times. But if you want to see what's going on in this part of the world, pick up the latest edition of Cottage Life Magazine. It's got a good article about the expansion of highways 69 and 400. Although whatever you do, don't call it Cottage Country and complain about waiting in line. You might get knocked out for your trouble.

From The Pacific To The Atlantic - A Photo Record

Day 8-9

We spent a couple of days taking some much needed rest in Parry Sound. I sort of put the camera away and we did a whole lot of nothing. Bob and Nancy Wallace, otherwise known as Dad and Nancy, have an awesome place just off the highway, although to hear them tell it, it's Backbreak Acres. (I'm teasing. You're not 75 yet...) The four of us spent the evenings playing Yahtzee, the first of the major theme-games we would get into on this trip. More on that later. For now, it was time to put the feet up a little bit. On Sunday we head for Newmarket, which, although ultimately the destination of our move from Vancouver, is not the end of our trip. Just another stop in on the way East.